Office Spring Cleaning Tips & Checklist

Spring is now well underway, and whether you’ve been working at the office continually over the past year or are getting ready to bring more people back in, it’s the perfect time to give the office some spring cleaning love! A fresh, bright, and welcoming workplace helps elevate moods, reduce stress, prevent illnesses, and boost productivity throughout the office. In our free eBook, A Complete Cleaning Plan for a Safe & Healthy Workplace, we looked at the key considerations office managers and property owners need to make when developing your complete cleaning program. Today, we’ve put together a brief list of easy spring cleaning tips for all types of offices to help spread the spring cleaning spirit and rally coworkers around the idea that a cleaner workplace is a better workplace. Read through these spring cleaning tips for some easy-to-implement ideas that can boost morale, health, and happiness in the workplace. Then, grab a copy of our Office Cleaning Checklist to help keep track of all the places in your office that deserve attention.

Office Spring Cleaning Tips

Spread the Word Enthusiastically! As you spread the news of spring cleaning throughout the office, be enthusiastic about your efforts! Organize tasks for people and focus on the end results to get employees and coworkers excited about putting some care into their immediate surroundings and taking more pride in the workplace. Often, simply seeing another coworker giving their workspace a good cleaning, along with the knowledge that the supplies are readily available, can spark some cleaning inspiration that quickly spreads throughout the office. Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies If you want to empower your employees with some spring cleaning spirit and to take more pride in keeping the workplace clean, the right cleaning supplies must be available at all times. Stock up on all the supplies, and people need to reorganize and tidy up their personal and shared workspaces. Be sure to check out Enhancity’s Commercial Janitorial Supplies page for supplies and equipment such as:
  • Cleaning, maintenance, and housekeeping carts
  • Vacuum cleaners, shampooers, and other floor care supplies and equipment
  • Disposable wipes and paper towels
  • Goggles, masks, gloves, and other PPE and safety garments
  • First aid supplies and equipment
  • Cleaning products, disinfectants, polishes, and odor-control products
  • All-purpose and RTU eco-friendly cleaners, soaps, and removers
  • Hand soaps and sanitizers
  • Trash and recycling bins and supplies
Designate No-Food Zones in the Office Having problems with crumbs, spills, smells, leftover food waste, or other food-related issues in the workplace? Take spring cleaning as an opportunity to implement new rules about designated food zones. Having agreed-upon off-limits areas for food and drink make it exponentially easier to keep areas of the office neat and tidy for extended periods by eliminating the possibility of spilled, dropped, or forgotten food. Not to mention dramatically reducing the risk of attracting insects, rodents, or other pests. Eliminate Digital Clutter Office spring cleaning isn’t all about removing physical dirt and clutter from our lives; it can also be about organizing and tidying up our digital file systems. Our digital work environments can quickly get disorganized, often causing just as much frustration and physical clutter. All organizations have different computer usage rules, so the ability or need for individuals in each workplace to manage things like adding or removing software or erasing files will vary. At any rate, routine digital decluttering helps make computers more organized and user-friendly and can even lead to noticeable performance improvements. Before you start, back up everything important! Some simple tips to get started with digital decluttering include:
  • Organize files on the desktop into folders
  • Remove unnecessary items in the downloads folder
  • Check the trash or recycling bin’s contents and remove unnecessary files
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted email signups and subscriptions
  • Clear out outdated internet browser bookmarks and folders
  • Uninstall unnecessary software
These are just a few tips to help promote spring cleaning in the workplace and get employees and coworkers into the cleaning spirit. As you continue your spring cleaning efforts, use the checklist below as your guide to all the common office features and locations that need care.

Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

Dust & Wipe Down Personal Workspaces
  • Desktop
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Computer monitors
  • Keyboard & mouse
  • Shelves
Filing Cabinets
  • Organize documents with a consistent file system
  • Shred unnecessary documents with sensitive information
Digital cleanup
  • Empty recycle bin
  • Organize desktop files into folders
  • Delete unneeded junk
  • Organize email inbox
  • Take down outdated holiday decor
  • Wipe down permanent decorations
  • Refresh office walls with new art or photos
The Big Stuff

Floorcare, Windows, Surface Cleaning, Breakroom. For each of these tasks, you want a professional commercial cleaning and janitorial provider who can quickly, safely, and thoroughly handle these needs and more without ever interrupting your normal flow of business. From tile to carpet, windows to walls, air ducts to breakrooms, and everything else in between, you can depend on Enhancity for the comprehensive commercial janitorial services it takes to keep your workplace clean, safe, and healthy.

Download our free eBook, A Complete Cleaning Plan for a Safe & Healthy Workplace, Ebook Landing Page to learn more about the considerations you need to make when developing your complete cleaning program.

Enhancity is your complete source for 24/7 cleaning and disinfecting services that put the health of your employees and tenants first. Contact us today for additional information and guidance, consultations, and pricing on comprehensive commercial cleaning solutions.

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