Welcome Employees Back to a Cleaner, Safer Workplace

As states across the US continue to systematically reopen, companies are reassessing the way they operate and implementing new guidelines to keep employees and customers safe and healthy. Along with that, property and facility professionals like you have a direct impact on how successfully these processes are orchestrated. The employees in your building are foundational to our economy, and providing them with a safe workplace is essential.   An honest commitment and intent to provide a safe and clean environment is critical to achieving an optimal transition for your building’s occupants. Clear communication of the measures you’re taking is equally important as promoting healthier behaviors and developing a shared sense of ownership among your people. By making an honest effort and showing your intent to defend their health, you help protect employees and their families, build trust, and significantly reduce the risk of further interruptions to the business.   We’ve put together a list of considerations property owners, business owners, and facility managers need to address as the reopening process begins. Share this checklist with everyone on your building maintenance team, and communicate the steps you take to everyone in your building.  

General Considerations for Reopening the Workplace

  • Welcome kits can help employees get reacclimated to the workplace.
  • Face cover programs should be easy to follow and accessible for all employees.
  • Organize the stocking and distribution of PPE, such as gloves, masks, and sanitizers.
  • Designated isolation areas with clearly communicated protocol reduce risk and confusion.
  • Clear and up-to-date promotional and directional signage boosts hygiene awareness and compliance.

Health-Conscious Entrance & Exit Strategies

  • Security stations, check-ins, or tents may be needed to bring employees into the building safely.
  • Sanitizer dispensers should be installed at strategic locations throughout the building.
  • Testing program implementation.

Cleaning Programs, Disinfecting & Nano-Coating

  • Implement a fully developed cleaning program; following a regimented protocol allows you to achieve maximum effectiveness in sanitation efforts.
  • Routine cleaning services provided by uniformed professionals in high-visibility gear helps instill a sense of awareness, routine, and importance.
  • Electrostatic disinfecting kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mold and other microbes on contact, and allows for easy disinfecting of hard-to-reach surfaces. Electrically charged cleaning products easily wrap around surfaces with 360-degree coverage while making overuse easy to avoid.
  • Nano-coating systems and programs, which form an anti-bacterial layer that attracts and kills bacteria, viruses, and more and inhibits organic growth for up to 90-days.
  • Supplemental day staff, floor wardens, restroom attendees, and visible defenders to assist and help promote awareness among your organization.
  • Communicate turnover guidelines and interim sanitization processes.

New Employee Restrictions & Safety Guidelines

  • Dedicated traffic signage such as directional arrows can be placed on the floor, as well as designated lanes and markers for spacing requirements.
  • Corridors, stairs, elevators, conference rooms, work areas, cafés, and restrooms may require new rules for safe usage or restricted access.
  • Arrival and departure times of production crews may need rescheduling; many companies are exploring alternating shifts to minimize employee exposure to each other and the workplace.
  • Building occupancy and density numbers may see changes in regulations.

Updating Systems & Hardware for Hygienic Solutions

  • HVAC system upgrades such as UV & ozone generators.
  • Work station modifications to help enforce social distancing.
  • Partitions and temporary systems, such as clear plastic barriers, can be used to separate cubicles and workstations.
  • Touchless hardware and dispensers.
  With optimal building operations strategies and a suite of soft-services, our capabilities allow your business to run cleaner, safer, and more productively. We’re dedicated to helping America reopen safely and stay open with effective, 24/7 cleaning and disinfecting services that put your needs first. For more information, guidance, consultations, and pricing on comprehensive commercial cleaning solutions, contact Enhancity.

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