Enhance COVID-19 Cleaning & Operational Strategies in Your Distribution Center

COVID-19 has changed how distribution center and warehouse managers have to think about cleaning, as past procedures are no longer enough. Facility managers are trying to figure out the best ways to adapt daily processes to include frequent deep cleanings and disinfecting to provide the best protection against viruses and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for employees and visitors. Distribution centers are particularly vulnerable because employees often work in very close proximity to each other. If a distribution center experiences a positive case of COVID-19, it may need to shut down or alter operations, impacting customer orders, your company’s reputation, and your bottom line.   Today, we’re looking at some of the cleaning, organizational, and operational strategies all distribution centers should be considering to reduce the risks of COVID-19 and other illnesses and maintain a safer, healthier, more productive facility.     Implement Detailed Yet Flexible Organizational Systems The first major component in keeping your distribution center safe and maximizing productivity is to keep it organized. If your employees have to travel long distances to complete routine tasks, consider the potential of reorganizing storage areas, workstations, and production areas of your floorplan to improve efficiency. Reassess which types of merchandise is most frequently needed by workers, and see if it’s possible to shorten the routes they must take to fulfill orders. It’s critical to keep all the walkways that make up those routes clean and clear of products and materials to prevent tripping and slipping. Finding ways to simplify the organization of your distribution center can improve safety and maximize the efficiency of your production timelines.     Make the Most of Current Tech Tools Mobile computers, tablets, and scanners are the best options for touchless operations, enhancing hygiene and disinfection efforts while enabling better tracking, reporting, and analysis capabilities for floor and business operations managers. Maximizing organization and cleanliness, these devices can keep time-stamped records of cleaning activities across high-traffic areas, workstations, and on shared equipment like heavy machinery, pallet jacks, and other tools. Mobile devices are generally compatible with a variety of databases and reporting tools that, when combined with log-in scans from employee ID badges, show movements throughout the shift, enabling contact tracing. Additionally, these types of tools enable you to set up self-service check-in kiosks at entrances where employees can scan their ID badges to enter, get important updates, and report any health concerns.   On top of all that, these types of devices can help streamline employee education and implementation of new best practices through preloaded video trainings. These video programs help ensure new protocols are followed exactly as your company requires.     Keep Your Tools & Equipment Clean Every asset, tool, and area in your distribution center must be cleaned and disinfected regularly to ensure maximum productivity across your operations. Soapy water, rags, mops, and trash collection aren’t enough to minimize the spread of COVID-19, so facility managers and operations specialists are revamping their cleaning tools and procedures. Advanced cleaning solutions like nanospray barrier disinfectants are becoming increasingly popular because they’re highly effective in reducing the spread of germs. It’s also vital to keep records of what has already been cleaned and how, in the event you need to carry out contact tracing. Good recordkeeping of your cleaning and disinfecting processes helps rule out sources of infection as you review worker movements.     Train & Educate Employees Employee education is never truly complete, and it’s critical to operating a safe and efficient distribution center. If you give your employees the knowledge and tools they need, they can do their jobs smarter, safer, and faster. Dedicate time to employee training whenever new technology or equipment is installed, and ensure all personnel are continuously trained on your COVID-19 measures, including:
  • Social distancing
  • Hand hygiene
  • Use of face coverings or masks
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Facility entry and exit procedures
  Implement Your New Strategies From keeping walkways spotless or sanitizing equipment, stocking hand sanitizer, soaps, and disinfectant wipes, or providing nano-coating and electrostatic disinfecting services, you can rely on Enhancity. Contact us to speak with our facility management and cleaning solutions specialists to discuss your needs. We’re fully equipped to help your distribution center or warehouse facility reopen and stay open with operational consultations, safety guidance, and 24/7 cleaning and disinfecting services.

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