Enhancity’s Cleaning, Maintenance, & Security Services Implementation Plan

At Enhancity, we’re focused on making your facility work for you. Backed by more than 50 years of industry experience in comprehensive facility service solutions, we’ve developed a streamlined system that delivers value, cost controls, and efficiency to organizations across the eastern US. With a reputation for impeccable management, professional staff, and strict quality standards, we’ve built a reputation for taking the time to understand your needs and making each partnership our top priority. Today, we’re looking at how an Enhancity Implementation Plan is organized to meet your property requirements and budget while improving safety, comfort, health, and productivity.

The Enhancity Implementation Plan

The Enhancity Implementation Plan is separated into four phases: Phase One starts with a review of the work specifications and includes plan preparation and staff evaluations.
  • Review and finalize work specifications
  • Assign project tasks
  • Review and prepare contingency plan
  • Develop communications plan
  • Develop accounting procedures
  • Establish labor budget
  • Evaluate current staff and circulate applications
Phase Two includes inventory management, personnel interviews, and hiring.
  • Inventory and order restroom supplies as necessary
  • Interview personnel
  • Review new hire packets
  • Schedule training
  • Set up payroll
Phase Three is where we organize our team and assignments to meet the unique needs of your property and finalize the remaining preliminary details.
  • Develop personnel roster and assignments
  • Color code floor plan for tasks
  • Review equipment and chemicals and verify order process
  • Order uniforms
  • Meet management and tour building
  • Develop inspection schedules
Phase Four includes a review of the project timeline, project and training schedule, rules and regulations, and the job start.
  • Review timeline
  • Develop project schedule
  • Create ongoing training schedule
  • Chemical and equipment training
  • Code of conduct, rules, regulations, Enhancity work rules
  • Job start

Your Account Support Team

When you partner with Enhancity, you get professional and dedicated personnel who ensure high-quality commercial janitorial, facilities management, and security experiences at every step of the way. Your Account Support Team is ready at all times to take immediate action and ownership of issues without the red tape that so often tangles up other firms. Every Enhancity staff member has the dedicated supervision and necessary resources needed to succeed, and we provide regular quality checks to ensure we meet all your unique needs. From our President to your billing specialist, you get complete access to everyone on our team and are always treated respectfully.

Supervision & Job Descriptions

Every facility or client that partners with Enhancity gets an on-site supervisor or account manager and regional manager who will hire, train, monitor, retrain, and grade each member of the working crew’s performance. The Director of Operations oversees the day-to-day operations of all accounts, and each is reviewed and scrutinized by our entire supervisory team to ensure consistent quality.


All Enhancity employees are uniformed with professional apparel that identifies them as Enhancity employees. Day personnel is typically provided with polos, outdoor jackets, and tan pants, while evening workers wear Enhancity t-shirts or aprons. No jeans, hats, or inappropriate clothing is ever worn on client property.

Quality & Performance Controls

At the core of Enhancity’s commercial janitorial and facility maintenance solutions is our commitment to exceptional customer service and quality control. All office cleaning services and general janitorial operations, regardless of scheduled performance frequencies, are accomplished according to the precisely outlined quality specifications and unique needs of your organization, including:
  • Basic performance and work requirements
  • Transition processes
  • Trash removal and waste disposal
  • Periodic janitorial tasks
  • Janitorial storage area upkeep
To measure and communicate performance and changing needs throughout your facility, we use CrowdComfort. With CrowdComfort, anyone can monitor what has been cleaned, when, and the type of cleaning that has been done in real-time. CrowdComfort allows you to track upcoming cleanings, get overdue alerts, and place custom pins on any areas of your floorplan that need special attention. Inspection reports are logged for analysis of trends and issues. Our Management Reporting services are built around a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program that guarantees your facility is cleaned and maintained per your specifications, policies, and procedures. Management Reporting includes:
  • Area assignments
  • Inspection systems
  • Quarterly QA
  • Frequency control systems
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Training and safety programs
  • Code of conduct
  • Drug and alcohol policy

Get Started with Your Commercial Cleaning & Facility Management Program

Now that you have a clear idea of how the Enhancity Implementation Plan works, you can take the next step in transforming your property into a cleaner, healthier, safer, and more efficient place to work. It’s our mission to provide superior building operations strategy and soft services that go above and beyond in both quality and consistency without extraordinary overhead expenses. Contact us today to discuss janitorial, maintenance, management, and security solutions. Our fully trained, closely managed staff has the right tools and room for growth to ensure the highest standard of work in the industry. With quality assurance methods that leave nothing to chance, you can expect dependable service delivery that keeps your environment clean and your brand under control.

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