About Us

With over 50 years of experience, Enhancity leads the industry in comprehensive facility service solutions that deliver value, cost controls, and efficiency to organizations across the Eastern U.S. Over the years, our company has developed a reputation for strong management services, professionally trained staff, and the strictest quality control standards. With every partnership, Enhancity makes it a top priority to fully understand our client’s needs and provide flexible and highly responsive service.

Today Enhancity employs over 1,800 employees responsible for managing and cleaning over 70 million square feet of property space for a distinguished roster of over 750 clients in a vast array of industries. Our facility service team prides itself on developing a customized plan for every single client to meet their property requirements and budget. This level of service plays a key role in our 95% client retention rate.

Key Elements in Our Facility Service System:

  • Commitment to corporate values – We understand the importance and accept the challenge of providing the highest level of corporate style service.

  • Supervision – From the top down, our corporate structure provides the appropriate chain of command and supervision at every level.

  • Responsiveness – In our business, one of the best ways to shine is by taking a proactive approach, responding to requests immediately and solving problems promptly.

  • Loyal employees – We are proud to have won the commitment of our employees – a reflection of the quality of our work and success.

  • Superb Training – Every Enhancity worker is thoroughly trained, re-trained, monitored, and graded to maintain a certain work standard.

  • Incentive Program – If our key personnel meet certain objectives set in our Employee Incentive Program, they are awarded generous bonuses for good work and client satisfaction.

  • Communications – Enhancity is a 24/7 company. Our supervisors and management carry smartphones at all times in case of an emergency.

  • A professional approach – Our professionalism is unequaled. We regularly demand more of ourselves than our clients do, resulting in exceptional job completion. Our expertise also extends to our industry affiliations, and we are proud members of BOMA, IFMA, and the Building Contractors Association (BSCAI), promoting excellence in the building service profession.

  • Quality Control – We approach quality control with an organized, methodical system in which nothing is left to chance. Every service we provide is backed by elaborate layers of quality control. First, our company is large enough so that we control the training and performance of our staff – we don’t subcontract, so all our staff knows what to do in every situation. We keep tight log books of all activities, so everything is recorded. Our On-Site Supervisor oversees all work performed, and communicates with the facility manager regarding special requests, concerns, safety and maintenance issues. There is also a complete weekly inspection reviewed all the way up our executive chain of command. The quality of service provided for all accounts is under constant scrutiny, and most key personnel are available to our clients 24/7 via smartphone.

If you have any questions about our company or our services, please contact us at 908-298-0002 today.