Infection Prevention & Facility Support

Infection Prevention & Facility Support Facility managers around the world are adapting to new operational challenges and health and safety demands brought on by COVID-19. To help streamline the process, Enhancity has developed comprehensive infection prevention and facility support programs that help warehouses, distribution facilities, manufacturing and processing plants, schools, offices, stores, and other buildings reopen and stay open swiftly and smoothly. Take a look at the guidelines, programs, and strategies we’re using to support facilities in the fight against infection. Enhance Your Cleaning & Safety Guidelines Whether you need to integrate new health and safety practices into your current policies or need to develop a whole new set of standards for your building, we’ve got you covered. To ensure you get the best services and solutions available, we implement industry-leading standard operating procedures and best practices that are regularly reviewed and updated to meet or exceed health and safety guidelines and recommendations set by the CDC, OSHA, and others. By investing in a cleaner and safer workplace, you help keep your workers safer, healthier, and more productive. Cleaning & Disinfecting Programs
  • Fully developed cleaning programs with highly regimented protocols
  • Professional uniformed cleaners instill awareness, routine, and importance
  • Electrostatic disinfection services
  • Nano-coating systems and programs
  • Supplemental staffing, floor wardens, restroom attendees, and visible defenders
Improved Entry & Exit Strategies
  • Security stations, check-ins, or tents to bring employees into the building safely
  • Sanitizer dispenser installations throughout the building
  • Testing program implementation
Employee Education, Training, & Support
  • Employee welcome and safety kit distribution
  • Stocking and distribution of PPE, including gloves, masks, and sanitizers
  • Designate isolation areas with clearly communicated protocol to reduce risk and confusion
  • Implement promotional and instructional signage to boost hygiene awareness and compliance
Update Your Systems & Hardware for Hygienic Solutions Touchless devices like mobile computers, laptops, scanners, and other devices and equipment allow many facilities to implement hygienic processes that help to dramatically reduce the spread of germs and cut down on sick days. In close collaboration with management teams and operational specialists, we help integrate these systems into warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing and processing plants, and other busy facilities to streamline operations and enhance overall hygiene and cleanliness.
  • HVAC system upgrades such as UV and ozone generators
  • Work station modifications to help enforce social distancing
  • Partitions and temporary systems, such as clear plastic barriers to separate workspaces
  • Touchless hardware and dispensers
Comprehensive Facility Risk Assessments Comprehensive facility risk assessments are vital in assessing the occupational risks of COVID-19 in all buildings where an updated and enhanced scope of work is required for re-entry. Continued routine risk assessments following OSHA and CDC guidelines help keep employees safer and more productive. As your services and needs are reviewed, modifications may be recommended regarding your SOW to ensure you’re getting the up-to-date protection your workers and facility deserve. Surface Cleaning, Disinfecting, & Nano-Coating Programs Electrostatic disinfection services eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microbes on contact. Our electrostatic spray technology easily coats all surfaces, no matter their shape or material, making it an ideal tactic to cover the complex spaces and expansive surfaces found in countless large facilities. Electrically charged cleaning products easily wrap around surfaces and objects with 360-degree coverage to ensure maximum effectiveness while easily avoiding overapplication. Our nano-coating systems take facility disinfection a step further by forming a potent antibacterial layer that traps and kills bacteria, viruses, and more. It also inhibits organic growth for up to 90-days, making it an ideal addition to any routine cleaning program. Enhance Your Ability so Keep Your Facility Safe It’s more important than ever to ensure you’re taking all the proactive steps possible to maximize health and safety and minimize the risks of infection or illness in the workplace. From robust organizational and operational strategies to advanced disinfecting solutions that provide dependable, lasting coverage, Enhancity is here to help. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.

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