4 Benefits of Professional Commercial Cleaning in the Workplace

The environment in which your employees work and spend time perpetually influences them. Without consistent hygienic routines, work environments are not only messy but could present hazardous conditions that put your team in harm’s way. Keeping your work environment orderly and free of smells and air pollutants can significantly improve employee morale and health. Comprehensive commercial cleaning is key to making employees feel safer, happier, and more productive throughout the workday, which can positively impact your company’s bottom line.   Discover four key benefits of establishing comprehensive cleaning protocols in the workplace. To learn more about the importance of cleaning services, read our eBook below.     The Benefits of Professional Commercial Cleaning in the Workplace
  1. Managing Communicable Diseases in the Workplace

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live, including new standards for disinfection and cleanliness in workplaces worldwide. Office illness prevention is more important than ever, and it isn’t going away. Despite precautions like masks and social distancing, germs continue to live in the air and on surfaces. Regular disinfection routines have become commonplace, but it can be challenging to clean every room, piece of equipment, product, and surface. Neglecting to do so puts employees at risk of contracting colds and illnesses, which also poses a threat to business workflow. Tasking employees with wiping countertops and desks is not enough to eliminate serious bacteria and mold. Every nook and cranny of your work environment requires frequent and comprehensive commercial sanitation services to rid the space of harmful microbes. Enhancity’s electrostatic disinfection service eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microbes on contact. For even more thorough disinfection, nano-coating forms a potent antibacterial layer that traps and kills bacteria and inhibits organic growth for up to 90 days.
  2. Improved Productivity and Workplace Culture

    The EPA reports that air pollutants can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat and have other adverse effects like headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Poor air quality is enough to develop long-term ailments and deter employees from being the best versions of themselves in the office. Employees are happier and more productive in clean environments, and improved air quality in the office can positively impact company culture and productivity. Enhanced workplace hygiene is key to reducing sick leave in the workplace and making employees feel safer, which is especially important now that sanitation is critical to comfort and assurance. Offering a clean office space promotes a healthy, symbiotic relationship with employees; as an employer, you provide a clean, safe space for productivity, and, in return, your employees perform better in their roles. You will also improve your company’s first impression to new hires and clients alike.
  3. A Clean Workplace Is A Safe Workplace

    Cleanliness goes beyond safeguarding employees from germs. You must take measures to eliminate hazards and clutter, protecting people from dangerous slips, trips, and falls in the workplace. Ensuring floors, walkways, and stairwells are always free from hazards requires constant vigilance, which isn’t top-of-mind for all business and building owners. Enhancity has the experience and versatility required to declutter and maintain lobbies, offices, bathrooms, and other common areas around the workplace. For sixty-seven years, Enhancity has offered garbage collection, ceiling and wall cleaning, construction cleanup, and other services that enhance your space. Plus, it is our focus to keep your workplace hygiene in check. You can focus on critical business objectives, while our customizable commercial office cleaning programs help protect everyone’s health in your building.
  4. Long Term Cost Savings

    A frequently and professionally maintained office is less likely to require emergency repairs or result in costly liabilities. Well-maintained carpets, walls, and ceilings will last years before needing new installation. Outsourcing professional commercial cleaning services also frees employees from taking time out of the day to keep the workplace tidy, so they can continue working towards critical business goals instead. Enhancity also offers restocking services at a competitive price, saving your team from having to order, acquire, and store supplies. It is essential to keep the janitorial supplies and equipment you need to foster clean and safe facilities always on hand. As effects of COVID-19 persist, having a constant supply of gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer is key to managing clean, high-quality office spaces.
Learn how you can develop a comprehensive cleaning routine in our full eBook. Discover the right products to maintain high-quality workplace hygiene and promote a cleaner culture.

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